Flanders Hill Farm
8355 Adler Rd.
Lambertville, MI 48144
Site designed & Maintained by:
Jim Hargrove Creative

Flanders Hill Farm takes pride in the facilities and services that we provide to our boarders.  We present you and your animal with the love and care just as if you were part of our own family.  Our boarders are supplied with the best in feed, hay and areas to graze as well as areas to play and socialize.  The relaxed atmosphere presents a feeling of warmth and a sense of  belonging. You have plenty of area to walk or ride your horse while admiring the beautiful sites, like our pond, pasture areas, or the sand filled trails. 

  We have plenty of acreage with trees and forest, and arena areas inside and outside to work on training goals in any type of weather.   You can choose to stay inside or around the barn area to train and groom your loved one.  The inside barn features are as lavising as the outside.   

Our facility provides you with full boarding, indoor and outdoor arenas, a heated club house, a heated wash rack, and over 15 acres of trails to ride and enjoy.

Full boarding services provide your horse with:

• Blanketing if needed.
• Grained 2 Times per day
• Hayed 3 Times per day
• Supplements Fed
• Full Day Turnout (Weather Permitting)